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Let's face it right now; steel is hard to come by and expensive. Add in the cost of a workover, and suddenly the economics of your well just went out the window.

Why not extend the life of your tubular goods with Texas Internal Pipe Coating? TXIPC's quick turnaround and best-in-class quality control will improve the economics of your well, while protecting your assets.

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In the oilfield, millimeters can make all the difference when designing a drilling or production operation. Therefore consistency when coating joints is critical to long-term job performance and success.

That's why TXIPC is committed to the highest quality control standard so each joint that rolls off our line meets job specs from the first joint in the line to the last.

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According to this article in Reuters, the oil and gas market is confronting shortages and delays in all areas of their market. Shortages are hitting oilfield services and could short-circuit U.S. production gains early next year. "We'll come to a point where we can't handle additional work with existing inventory" said Brad James, chief executive of Enterprise Offshore Drilling. To read the full article go here:

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